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Supplyo's range of 'Source to Contract' (S2C) solutions have been specifically design to meet the greatest challenges of Supply Chain Management in the Built Environment.

Our modules can be deployed individually to solve specific business needs or, as an end-to-end solution providing greater value through connected workflows, data, and collaboration across your teams.

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Module #1
Supply Chain Sourcing

Knowledge is power

Having access to the best market intelligence and data available will give you and your teams a truly competitive advantage to win better work, secure better margins and deliver projects to the highest standards, on time.

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Supplyo provides a comprehensive, up to date and fully managed database across all trade and supplier types to make sure you are getting the most competitive prices from the market.

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Company Profiles

We not only provide the most up to date market intelligence of the best companies available, we also provide user-friendly company profiles that give you all the information you need at a glance​​.

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If the information you need is not already available on our database, the Supplyo expert research team provides an on-demand service that guarantees we will find what you are looking for.

Module #2
Supply Chain Segmentation

Know Your Supply Chain

Our smart segmentation solutions will help your teams understand more easily and accurately, which contractors are capable of providing reliable quotes and performing in the field.

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Join Our Supply Chain Campaigns

Strategically build depth, resilience and diversity across your Supply Chain to build new relationships with Supplyo’s highly effective and proven Join Our Supply Chain campaigns (3x engagement)​

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Segmentation Data

Our smart segmentation solution will help your teams more accurately understand which contractors are capable of providing accurate and reliable quotes.

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Website Links

When contractors and suppliers, who are keen to work with you, visit your website or call and email your company we can help you capture these companies, so they don’t get lost in the ether​.

Module #3
Bid Management​

Speed, Accuracy and Confidence

Increase speed, reduce errors, and ultimately get the best market value available by streamlining communications between all stakeholders involved in the bidding process with Supplyo's next-generation Bid Management Solutions.

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Tender Enquires

Get out ahead of your competitors with fast, accurate, automated and personalised tender enquiries. Maximise contractor engagement to boost the number and quality of tender returns.

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Reporting & Auditing

Supplyo provides complete visibility across contractor engagement, information issued/received, and queries raised, while maintaining a full audit trail to avoid costly disputes​ in the future.

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Actionable Insights

​Capture insights that provides a valuable feedback loop to continuously improve decision making and to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Module #4
Evaluation​ & Prequalification

Balancing Price with Performance

Getting the right balance between Price, Performance and Compliance is the key your success and has never been easier with Supplyo’s intelligent & dynamic Evaluation & Prequalification solutions.

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Project Evaluation

​Every job is different and so are the companies you work with. Match the specific requirements of the job with the specific capabilities of the contractor or supplier to have real confidence that they can deliver for you and your clients

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Prequalification & Approval

Supply Chain Prequalification and Approval can be a pain for everyone, but it doesn't need to be. Supplyo's PQQ solutions take the pain away by making the whole process seamless and simple for you and your Supply Chain.

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Compliance Monitoring

Now that you've set your project up for success, you want to keep it that way. Supplyo’s automated compliance monitoring solutions will give you confidence that key information, like up-to-date insurances,won't slip through the cracks and leave you exposed.

Module #5
Contract​ Management

Don't give up those hard won yards

Procurement can be a long and relentless process and the last few yards can be the hardest. Don't give up hard-won gains by leaving the contractual side loose. Avoid frustrating arguments and costly disputes by fully closing out the deal with Supplyo’s smart, simple Pre-award and Contract Management solutions.

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Contract Pre-award

The devil is in the detail and that's when having a solid but simple Pre-award process is essential to ensure the T&C's are agreed and recorded to avoid unnecessary confusion, costs and delays.

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Contract Management

Appointing multiple contractors in the pressurised environment can mean moving on the the next one before the last one is fully tied off. We will help you keep on top of all contracts awards quickly and easily.

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End of Contract Reports

Projects will present lots of challenges, and opportunities to learn and improve. Keep track of, and shares these learnings with your colleagues to make the next project a better one.

Module #6
Performance Ratings

Measuring Supply Chain performance is the key to your success

Projects are busy and capturing live feedback on Supply Chain performance from all your team members can be hard, but it doesn't need to be. Supplyo's makes recording and sharing contractor performance ratings a piece of cake.

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Performance Ratings

Quickly and easily record contractor performance ratings to act as an early-warning system for your projects and to help make better appointment decisions in the future.

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Despite your best efforts, things can deteriorate quickly. Immediately highlight any critical concerns about contractors to your colleagues with our red & yellow card booking system.

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Understanding how your Supply Chain compares against their peers is valuable information. Easily compare across all the key metrics to understand who is giving you the best value, and the best service.